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  • After filling out the Mortgage Questionnaire we will review your application and determine what loan is suited for you. Your loan will then be submitted to underwriting to be examined. The underwriter will determine the risk level of the loan by looking at your credit history, property value, and debt-to-income. 

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    Our exclusive mortgage programs allow you to buy a home with a minimal down payment. Some mortgage programs require as little as 3.5% down! In a lot of cases, your down payment can be a gift from a relative or nonprofit organization.

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    If you are considering buying your first home… Congratulations! Purchasing a home could very well be the largest financial decision you decide to make. Not only is it a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can be a complicated process from beginning to end. At Cardinal Financial of Las Vegas we are dedicated to making sure your home loan is taken care of swiftly and easily without any headaches. 

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  • Loan Options

  • Conventional 
    • The most popular loan in the country and the epitome of a basic loan
    • Put down as little as 3% for fixed-rate loans
    • Credit Scores as low as 620 accepted 
    • For people who need a little credit flexibility 
    • Put down as little as 3% 
    • Credit Scores as low as 550 accepted 
    • For people looking into rural properties 
    • 0% down payment 
    • Credit score as low as 580 accepted
    • A loan for veterans or active service members
    • 0% down payment 
    • Credit scores as low as 550 accepted 
    • A large loan amount for people looking into luxury homes 
    • Put down as little as 10% 
    • Credit scores as low as 660 accepted 
    These snapshots provide a general overview and are not set in stone. At Cardinal Financial, every loan is crafted specifically to fit each borrower's unique financial picture.
  • Mortgage News Daily

    • Continued Deterioration in Origination Quality

      As home lenders and investors have recently been a little more relaxed about credit qualifications compared to just after the crisis, mortgage quality has weakened. Still, quality is better than before the crisis.During the past three years, the quality of residential loans originated has weakened, though credit quality remains far stronger than the early 2000s and the late 1990s.Components of borrower character like credit scores are the strongest feature of current mortgage originations, and they have weakened little over the past few years.

    • Best Mortgage Lenders By Category

      A report based on a recent survey of consumers who were shopping for a residential loan has identified the best home lenders in a variety of categories -- including government programs, jumbo loans and online services.The 10-question survey of prospective mortgage borrowers found that before they applied for a home loan, 40 percent checked their credit report or credit score.Saving for a down payment was cited by 36 percent. More than a quarter reported that they paid down debt, while nearly a quarter indicated they reduced spending.

    • Business Falls to 6-Month Low at Freddie

      New business at the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. retreated to its lowest level in six months. Delinquency, meanwhile, remained at its lowest level in a decade.When September was over, Freddie Mac's total mortgage portfolio stood at $2.1513 trillion -- including a $0.2278 trillion in mortgage investments and $1.9235 trillion in outstanding mortgage-related securities and other guarantees.The McLean, Virginia-based company revealed the metrics in its Monthly Volume Summary, which indicated that the book of business had expanded from $2.1472 trillion a month earlier and $2.0568 trillion